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You're already done, and it's time to end

 Some authors of this book I know when I started training almost a decade ago, when I was full of wrong ideas.

 I thought my genetics were not good enough, that it took hours and hours of grueling cardio to lose weight, that I was a hardgunner, that a really sick pump was the key to muscle growth, that I shouldn't eat at night if  I did not want to get fat, and many other drawbacks that nosed at me by workout magazines and trainers (many of whom get their information from magazines)  Went to be in.

 Like many people, I would hit the gym regularly only to see minor improvements coming in very slowly.  It seemed impossible to achieve my ideal.

 This discouragement can be attributed to quitting, or an unhealthy diet or steroids and other medications that can seriously harm your health.  Luckily, I chose the path to better education,
Health Benefits Of Weight Loss

  And it helped me change the way I eat and train, and as a result, changed my whole body.  I then started writing books to help others do the same.

 The fact is - and this is probably the biggest lesson I have learned in the last ten years - to build a great body that is not complicated right now.  It is good sex choice - of course, it requires effort, but the principles are somewhat more simple, and if you stick to them, you get the job done.

 Here's how: If you want to exercise 30-45 minutes per day, 3-5 times per week, and follow a sensible eating plan, you can have a fantastic body that you're proud of.  is.  And if you are not already an experienced lifter, you can easily gain 10–15 pounds in your first 10–12 weeks of training — a very dramatic change.  If you want to lose weight, you can lose the same amount or more in the same period.

 In this book I am going to address a dozen myths and fake claims in a scientific and direct way.  I am not going to bother with a bunch of pictures or fluff stuff because you can get more from your fill in other fitness books and on different websites.  I am going to give you the facts directly and help you adopt your training and nutrition in a better way.  You do not have to read this book in order.  Feel free to scan the table and jump to whatever affects your interest.

 By the end of this book, you

  The physiology of weight loss and muscle growth that most people will never know.  And you are going to be able to put into practice what you learn to make your ideal body easier, faster, and more enjoyable than ever.

 Before we start busting the myth, however, I want to talk about the lying factories that spread many of these bunk and how you can avoid many more things that are going to come.  So let's get it.