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Why you should visit your doctor before starting your weight loss program

  If you are reading this, then you are probably excited about a new weight loss program or diet that you have read online or received via TV or social media about the word.  You may have your eye on a particular food supplement that can help you melt the pounds.  Whenever you are about to go on a diet or program that will affect your health, it is always a good idea to tell your doctor first.  In fact, the best approach, if you are really serious about losing weight for the long haul, is to make
  Make sure your doctor is always in the loop about your weight loss plans.  Here are some reasons why you should visit your doctor before starting on a new diet or trying new supplements or going on a new exercise regimen.
  Your doctor knows your health issues
  If there is someone who knows your body, your body boundaries and your health issues, then it is your doctor.  By checking in with your doctor before diving head first into a new weight loss program, you can avoid potentially dangerous weight loss programs.  Let's face it, there are only three ways to lose weight — eat less, move more, or do both.  When you do any of these, it affects your body.

How Does Exercise Impact Weight Loss?

  Complications for your overall health.  Your doctor will know your health issues and you may find your diet, exercise, or supplement program may affect these health issues.  Instead of being buzzy, going to your doctor can open your mind to a safer alternative.
  Your doctor knows how healthy weight loss works
  Generally, people go to the doctors for a second opinion about the diagnosis or other serious findings.  Well, when you go to your primary care doctor about your exercise, supplement, or diet plan, you are effectively going to get a second opinion.  Make no mistake about it — too many great weight loss ideas may look good on paper, but they may not actually work.  Worse, they can affect your health