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Health benefits of weight loss

Health benefits of weight loss
  The cosmetic and emotional benefits of losing weight are very direct.  When you lose weight, you feel better about yourself because you think you look better.  There is a simple call and response dynamic between the image you see in the mirror and what you feel inside.  While this leads to many other benefits such as increased confidence, increased satiety and personal satisfaction, there are also substantial health benefits for losing weight.  Try to make a decision about your weight loss plan and keep it in mind when to start it.

  Lower diabetes risk

  Studies show that obesity increases the risk of diabetes.  Your fat body metabolism affects your body's sugar processing system and can cause diabetes.  In fact, you can eat too much sugar and fat and this can lead to insulin overload and, ultimately, insulin resistance — a key component to type 2 diabetes.
Why you should visit your doctor before starting your weight loss program
  Make no mistake about it, diabetes is bad news.  Not only can you lose your eyesight, the vascular blockage it creates damages your kidneys and nerve damage.  In fact, diabetes-related nerve damage can be so bad that you can no longer feel a cut on your feet and this can lead to amputation due to gangrene.  If this is not enough bad news, diabetes also leads to heart problems.  By deciding to shed a few pounds, you may well spared yourself

  The unnecessary drama of diabetes.

  Reduced heart disease risk
  For decades, obesity has been associated with an increased incidence of heart disease, such as heart failure, heart attack, angina, enlarged heart, high blood pressure, among a long list of other heart-related problems.  The sad reality of obesity is that your body is storing all those extra calories that you are not burning as fat.  This fat affects most parts of your circulatory system.
  If you decide to go on a diet to lose weight, you can dramatically reduce your cardiovascular risks.  Lowering fat levels leads to a low-tension circulatory system that leads to a healthy heart.

  Low risk of cancer

  Obesity has been linked to something
 Cancer, especially if your diet contains heavy parts of animal protein.  Colon and rectal cancers, among others, have been linked to obesity.  While much progress has been made in helping cancer patients to live longer, if given this option to some, they will consciously undergo treatments such as cancer therapy — radiation, chemotherapy, nausea, hair loss, and others.  .
  You can start losing weight simply by deciding to eat healthy food and hit the gym frequently or walk a few miles in your routine.  It may seem like a hassle and it may seem like it takes a lot of effort, but it is nothing compared to the trauma, pain and stress of cancer therapy.  Besides, it is not only you, but your loved ones will also be affected.

  The good information about weight loss is that you only need to select a plan and get started.  that's all there is to it.  The key is to start.  Once you start, you can fine tune and make adjustments.  What's important is that you stopped thinking about losing weight and started doing it instead.  Are you ready to make the choice today?