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What is gestational diabetes

Let's start with some background. Gestational diabetes is a temporary type.

 Diabetes and one of the most Common health problems for pregnant.

Women's glucose intolerance is an early stage. Status gestational state Diabetes it's not your fault.

By the way, hormones in pregnancy You affect it it is about five, Seven percent of all pregnancies, You are not alone during pregnancy The organ called the placenta develops.

 The uterus connects the placenta Mother and child ensures the child There is enough food and water pipe Also makes some hormones, These hormones make it harder for insulin.

Doing your job to control blood sugar Which is also known as blood sugar insulin. How To Shop For Healthy Foods

Opens itself to get glucose Occurs in your body during pregnancy About three times its normal.

 Insulin Gestational Diabetes Amount Develops when the organ that makes, The pancreas cannot make enough insulin.

Insulin for pregnancy without enough Insulin cannot lower your blood sugar Blood and this is converted to energy.

Causes excess sugar, Most women with pregnancy If you have diabetes a healthy baby Keep your blood sugar in safe limits

 Probability of you or your child , Problems are like you were not Have gestational diabetes but if left Untreated pregnancy can cause diabetes.

 Health problems for you and your child, That's why working is so important To keep up with your health care providers.

 Your blood sugar within a safe range The important way to do this is as follows.

 A healthy meal plan.