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Top 31 Foods You MUST EAT DURING Your Pregnancy Diet, DO NOT *MISSED These DAILY-Nutrients

The foods you should eat during pregnancy. Diet do not miss these daily nutrients If you are pregnant by keeping your diet It is necessary to be as healthy as possible .
You and your unborn children are here.

 A guide list from A to Z gives you. The idea of ​​looking at foods and nutrients. For out and add to your shopping list. You can get an avocado.

 Heart healthy fat Folic acid potassium, vitamin C and Vitamin B6 which helps in your promotion. Baby tissue and brain growth Give to reduce your morning sickness.

 Bananas during your early trimester Eating something can cause nausea Bananas can provide to your body.

 Symptoms Relieving Vitamin B6 Potassium and Fiber for Healthy Pregnancy digestive beans are

 3. beans. Rich in protein-rich iron folic acid Potassium and magnesium may also help.
To prevent and relieve mangoes Constipation pregnancy problems and Piles thanks to its rich fiber, Berries you should eat like berries, Strawberry Blueberry Blackberry And raspberries due to their beneficial Vitamin C beta-carotene potassium folic, Acids and antioxidants that are Necessary to make your child healthy .
Skin cells and immune system ensure you. Eat berries after eating in high To help absorb protein o 'relay Nutrients Better

 5.  Black Leafy Greens Spinach Pal Swiss Broccoli with Chard And other dark leafy greens are loaded.
 Vitamin A is also folic acid along with C and K. They benefit from improving your immunity. Prevention of the system and digestion Constipation is also linked to another.
 Reduce the risk of low birth weight Pregnancy ,

Six. dried fruits like fruits Or is known to strengthen the date. Uterine muscles which help in one. Smooth delivery and reduces.
Bleeding after delivery but you need it. Limit your portion and be devoid of it. Candied dried fruits to prevent sugar

 7d. vitamins pregnant and Lactating women require 10 micrograms.
 10 mg of vitamin D a day is best Taking supplements that are necessary. Healthy Cells for Immune Function Segmentation and prevention in bone health Preeclampsia You can get your vitamin D.
Eggs baked with salmon sardines and Milk cereal is cooked through

 8. eggs eggs. Iron is healthy with protein. And higher in Kahal who can improve. Baby brain healthy building blocks Inhibits cells and neural tube.

 9. fatty fish salmon tilapia Shrimp Tuna Canned Light Cod and Catfish Our great source of omega-3 fatty acids Which promotes your baby side.

Growth and development of the brain even more Boost your mood They are also low mercury level fish.
 Pregnant women are encouraged to eat 8. Super 12 ounces of

 10. fish every week Liver oil fish liver oil 1 Can provide more than spoon. Essential amounts of omega-3 fatty acids Vitamin D Vitamin A gets to your fish liver. Oil if you do not eat seafood

11. guava.
 Known with its very rich zodiac sign. Vitamin C can boost your immune system. To fight infection Her components during pregnancy

 12. Healthy chickpeas are sesame.

 Seed paste olive oil and garlic paste Packed with rich folate iron fiber and, Protein to prevent healthy DNA Defects and ensure adequate neural tube. Red blood production however ensures everyone.

 Ingredients are cooked or heated. To prevent bacteria listeria completely, Packaged Humus

 13. Juice, You should make mix green vegetable Juice on fruit juice Vegetables are more nutrient-dense Loaded instead of sugar but you should Wash vegetables or fruits out, Carefully to prevent bacteria, Peels can be transferred into that.

 When the fruit is being sliced ​​you will not The juice needs to boil

14. kiwi fruits. To supply your fruit with kiwi snax Folic acid that promotes your baby. Also brain and cognitive development, Prevents nerve defects from inside.

15. red bell peppers during pregnancy Bell pepper supplies about three times. Vitamin C is thus one compared to an orange. Great vegetable to boost your immunity, Systems and antioxidants also improve. Healthy fetal brain development then you You can eat this bell pepper by stir-fry or.

 Make salad

 16. lean chicken by eating Cook the green chicken beef well and Pork provides high to your body. Quality protein to promote healthy embryos Tissue and brain enhance your breast.
 And Uterine tissue grows and also Increased adequate blood supply

 17. Lentil lentils are a source of folate. And fiber that can be cooked easily. Provide important protein to plants Especially for a vegetarian

18. Lemon Lemon juice works effectively. Relief from your stages of pregnancy Problems like nausea and morning Disease

 19. meat red meat such as beef There is lamb and poison.
 That our cook May well bring you with high. Protein iron and vitamin B12 for proper Fetus and support nutrition There is an adequate supply of blood cells Oxygen to your body tissue mixed

20. Nuts nuts are easily caught Are loaded like essential minerals Plant-based omega-3s zinc and selenium Eat peanuts raw and not almonds Unsalted for their optimal health Benefits of

 21. milk Your body needs adequate amounts of calcium. This is the reason during pregnancy that you need 3. 8 ounce glasses of

24. ounces total You can have nonfat pasteurized milk daily. Eat your calcium rich foods too Lobert hard cheese like dark leafy Bananas and spinach almonds Calcium fortified orange juice

22. olives Eating olives during pregnancy Helps protect your child from anything Thank you for causing allergies and asthma once Its antioxidant properties are

 23. oranges. Folate rich foods help prevent Neural tube defects and spina bifida Drink plenty of pea beans and oranges Juices are

 24. probiotic foods probiotics. Found in fermented foods such as homemade.
 Sauerkraut and kimchi that helps Constipation relief and prevention Yeast infections that are common. Pregnancy

 25. klonoa high protein and The mineral content of quin OA makes it. Great prenatal food for those Vegetarian or gluten free diet

 26. sweets Potatoes are full of beta-carotene. It allows your body to transform Vitamin A is essential for Joe.
 Growth of different cell types

 27.us especially in your growing embryo Whole Grains Whole Grains Bread and Grains are fortified with folic acid. And has more fiber than iron and white. Bread and rice that soothes you Digestive System

 28. Watermelons eat this. Sweety and watery fruits Pleasing reduces a lot in jealousy.
 Morning swelling is less. You can also stop muscles hydrated. Cramps in pregnancy   Pregnancy and Nutrition

29. curd It is packed with more calcium than yogurt. Milk also contains active cultures. That will reduce the risk of yeast Infection while they are lactose. Intolerance can endure for a long time. -

30. Getting enough zinc is particularly zinc.
 Important during pregnancy because There is very fast cell growth then you. Cooked oyster beef lamb should be eaten Sesame seeds pumpkin seeds and nuts Healthy growing children and Maintain the spirit of proven new system Taste odor and wound also heal

 31. The water finally matches this oral fluid .
 Should be consumed daily and Enough to stop you Dehydration especially in hot climate and You should aim to drink during pregnancy For at least 2.5 liters of water Day but whenever you drink more. Weight gain during thirst.

 Pregnancy is normal but it is important. To get it in a healthy way So by following this diet list A great way to get started. Healthy and well-nourishing pregnancy.