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Authentic Partnerships

Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power

Think of a super partnership in your life.  This can happen with a family member, colleague or dear friend.  Now look at all the good qualities that person has and how he adds value to your life.  Kindness, organization, a good listener, a helper, through anyone ... are some of those qualities that pop into my mind.  Recently, I have come to know, that I need people who are ready and willing to support me when I am feeling down.  What difference can it make to make my spirits up.

  In relationship-focused care and relationship-focused situations, I would also like to think that my caregiver / my caring partner / my instructor also emulates these characteristics.  I realize that it is taboo to embrace many, however, human touch is necessary for me.  I know of friends who are nervous and resentful of touch and I have carefully learned to refrain from entering space where I will not be welcome.  This ultimate awareness is important for relationship-focused examples because it demonstrates that I truly understand myself as well as the needs and needs of another person.

  Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada worked with partners living with dementia to understand what it takes to develop an authentic partnership.  The three guiding concepts include promoting empowerment and equality, sharing decision-making responsibilities and incorporating diverse perspectives.  How valuable it is to be appreciated as a thinking for a person living with dementia, to feel the person with particular attitudes, insights, attitudes and desires.

  Let us first consider empowerment and equality.  The best bosses I ever admired for my dedication and hard work, my willingness to try new things, my eagerness to showcase my talent and abilities.  When it was necessary to sneak in, they also knew how to accomplish this without thinking of me as foolish, foolish, or as if I had wasted my time.  He simply offered advice and a dose of reality and then let me loose once more to grow, develop and build.  The negative boss, and fortunately there were a few, sat in the hunt, ready to defeat me in every corner.  I have avoided these people even when I can leave myself or leave them as soon as possible.

  I have also enjoyed being an important part of decision making, although I often lack the authority to be the ultimate voice.  My ideas for greater success were accepted, evaluated, disposed of, and perhaps re-sized (or set on the shelf a second time).  Never was I side-lined or thrown off as useless.  Okay, okay, maybe once more I accept that the feelings still haunt me.

  Finally, being able to take the point of view is so important.  I accept that there are times when I take it to extremes through a plan, which seeks to please everyone.  Eventually I am able to analyze the parts to create a successful home.  No, it never pleases everyone but it gets the job done most often.5 Health Benefits Of Playing Paintball

  These 3 concepts are needed when supporting a person with dementia.  Although sometimes his / her declarations and thoughts do not logically match the situation, they are still declarations and thoughts of a human being.  As a result I should listen, ask more questions, make notes, be patient and recognize when the discussion has become overwhelming and return later.  We should pause, take a breath, think and think again and then walk with renewed hope and proper enthusiasm.  How lovely it is for each of us to be who and what we are;  How beautiful it is for someone with dementia to accept the same.

  educational consultant;  freelance writer;  life coach;  Professional development presenter.  Project Coordinator for Age- and Dementia-Friendly Winnemucca and Humboldt Counties